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Make the move - Stamp Duty Extended and 5% Mortgage Deposits coming back!!

The year of staying home has made us all slow down, stand back and re-assess. For some staying at home it was the opportunity to complete DIY to-do lists and fall back in love with their abode. For others it has been the driving force to take the next property step to find a home that works for them.

If you're making the move, the Stamp Duty announcement would of been a beacon of light. To still be able to take advantage of the Stamp Duty saving until the 30th June 2021 on properties up to £500,000 was the news we had all been hoping for.

To also be told that 5% mortgage deposits are making a come back was the icing on the cake for home movers and first time buyers. As of April the new 'mortgage guarantee' means that some lenders will offer mortgages with a 5% deposit on properties up to £600,000.

If you're thinking of moving or looking for your first home this really is a great time to start those new chapters.

Want to find out more on the Stamp Duty Savings?

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