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Top tips on a Tuesday!! - viewing a property.

You've arranged to view a property. You've looked at the floor plan the pictures look promising. You're hoping you get 'that' feeling when you walk through the front door.

However you're also wondering, what else should I be looking out for?....

....the sensible stuff? the stuff that friends and family will, without a doubt question you about .. the questions that you realise you don't have the answers to!

Can you tell I've been in that exact situation?...been there, done that!!

I've probably deliberated longer over a pair of new shoes compared to one of my past abode purchases - it did have a fabulous garden and I grew to love the boiler growling away in our bedroom!!

This isn't an exhaustive list of what to look out for but it's my top 5 tips that I wanted to share with you...


When you're arranging a viewing, time really does fly. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to get a really good feel of the place. Re-visit rooms and try to imagine how they'll work for you.


Look at the outside of the house. Check the exterior walls for any cracks. If you happen to notice any, ask what's caused them. Any loose tiles or broken guttering? Will this be remedied before you move in? Don't be afraid to ask the question.


Be on the lookout. By taking your time in each room you might notice a few cover ups that you might of otherwise missed. Is a box covering a piece of missing skirting board? is the beautiful rug covering a broken floor board? or the freshly painted stairs, could that be covering a damp problem? . The seller isn't necessarily going to point out these quirks so keep those eyes peeled!


View the property more than once and ideally at different times of the day. Observe how busy the street gets. If you don't have a driveway, how easy is it to park outside the house?. What are the noise levels like? Does the street change from being a sleepy, quiet road to being a hive of activity?


Look at the area you're moving into. What are the transport links like? how close are the shops and cafes? what are the local schools like? Think of the things that are really important to you and what you would want within close proximity of your home.

I'm all for, feeling the love of a house however don't let your heart cloud your judgement. Get a really good overview of the house and make an informed decision.

Would a FREE check list be helpful?

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